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Im sorry you cannot live with yourself
Or the grandest lie that you have a soul within yourself
Im chasing wonders and dreams all around in the trees
And when the branches crumble they'll seep out all your greed
Flowing with motive for murder tonight
Ripping your soul with a blade
I delight in tearing your heart at the seams
Pray your wings take flight
Ill wipe that smirk right off your fucking face
Regret everything you've ever said or done to me
Repent for all your sins and all your fucking past mistakes
Dont blame yourself
I know i never asked for this but after all you've put me through
Unwed bride toss the bouquet in the air
Fallen roses will seal your demise
Pull the shards from your skin
I wont let this
I wont let this happen to me
This storm wont be my demise
The rain has fallen upon my head
But the sun will shine in my eyes
This wont be the end for me
Pick up the pieces on the ground i stood last night
Open your heart and find the strength to push me forward
No i dont like where this is going so I think ill change my plans
And make this all okay
Im sorry do you hate what you are?
You will spend all these nights alone, all alone
Look at me now
As i finish this story, a play wrote in script while your praying for mourning
Look at me now
As the crowd roars applause, wont you take one last bow this finales all yours
Baby can you scream any louder?
I dont think theyll hear you cry
Baby this is just as hard on me as it is for you
Cut the rope, Your noose is tied so tight
Restrained by you veins
Your body bound in chains
Can you feel anything anymore?
Lifeless corpse rotting on the floor


from Between You & I, released October 16, 2012



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